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Random from Dungeon Crawl Collection

One of the groups I originally created on deviantArt had the theme of fantasy RPG dungeon crawling! I eventually gave the group up to another person to admin and moved on. But I wanted to keep that legacy! So here is presented to you an extensive collection of scenes of dungeons and dungeon crawling heroes! This collection just keeps growing! Enjoy!

Gallery Folders

Ghost the Bobcat by OctaviaArtist
Don't stop dreaming by KidvsKatAdmirer2
Oasis by WojtekFus
Dark Elementalist Lux by raikoart
Mist World and the Dreamscape
Mist World Book: RPG Setting PDF by Mistgod
Melian's Magic Portal Cottage by Mistgod
Melian's Portal Cottage by MelianOfMist
Mistgod in the Dungeon by Mistgod
Mistgod's Dungeon Master Ideas
Founder's Gallery
Melian in Pony Form by MelianOfMist
I Am Not A Stupid Tulpa by MelianOfMist
Melian in Snake Peril! by MelianOfMist
Melian Fashion doll test color 1 by MelianOfMist
Cosplay, LARPing and Historical Reenactments
Merlin's Beard! by woodywoodwood
Connor to Lucca Comics and Games 2016 by JonathanPiccini-JP
Connor Kenway and Lara Croft Cosplay by JonathanPiccini-JP
Connor Kenway Cosplay by JonathanPiccini-JP
Sci Fi Fantasy Drawings and Paintings
Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes #2 by Sergio37
The Not-So Silent Night by Captain-LaDue
Games that i finished in 2016 (until now) by Sergio37
Black Scholar by damonteufel
Lady of Time by SilenceV
Somewhere by katherine-lemus
The Bear of Kate by katherine-lemus
Scarlet Tutorial by kangghee
Scarlet by kangghee
JON SNOW by DavidCDesigns
Little John Disney's Robin Hood by woodywoodwood
Creatures and Monsters
Speed draw Mega Lucario by woodywoodwood
brisingr inheritance cycle by woodywoodwood
Diplodocus by woodywoodwood
fox by woodywoodwood
Dungeon Crawl
That's A Lot Of Rats by BryanSyme
Maps and Dungeon Tiles
Map of Nasgav (MaD) by JudytaDragon
Star Trek
Star Wars
Star Wars by DavidCDesigns
Other Sci Fi Space Art
Crafts, Dice and Miniatures
Helbrecht by James Wappel by newboldworld
Comics and Cartoons
Stargazer VS. Forest Fire by Captain-LaDue
Best Fantasy Girls
Countess Karnstein painted by Vinolata by newboldworld
The Silver Dolphins Saga
King Justin - Coronation by Captain-LaDue
JetBlackDragon15 Art
Black Drops by JetBlackDragon15
The Art of William Rumley
Your Very Own Warrior by WilliamRumley
The Art of Nathan Rackley
Star Trek Attack Wing - Captain Rackley by Droakir
The Art of UweG
Musical Journey by UweG
The World of Munt ar Draco by JudytaDragon
Unbuttoned shirt by JudytaDragon
camouflage by woodywoodwood


Page 2 (Coloured) by aditparsial
But He Raped My Daugther by aditparsial
Onslaught (page 3) by aditparsial
Dungeon Crawl Collection
Dungeons and Dragons and Drawings - Bug Fight! by theartknife
Grazz't by dungeonmeister

Mature Content

Nagas ! by dungeonmeister
Players by JeffPerryman
Drawings and Paintings of Melian
Melian by TheArtisticPony
Melian Headshot by FadingSpectrum
Lacy Dreams by WilliamRumley
Melian's Sexy Legs by WilliamRumley
Looking for DnD Players! Everyone is welcome! by esteban39
A very good friend of mine, whom I greatly admire, :icongneiss-chert:, has finished her novel The Silver Dolphins Saga! It available on sale on kindle and amazon! If you don't know about this already you should go take a look at the author and artist's DA page, group and website! It is an amazing project she has been working on since 1995! Trust me take a look at all of it! Click on the deviation below and in the artist's comments you will find links to the book for sale.  :-)


The SDS website! ->

The Silver Dolphins Saga now on Amazon AD by Gneiss-chert
More Journal Entries




Melian's Dreamscape Matrix Computer with DA Green by MelianOfMistMistgod of the Dreamscape by Mistgod

Alternate Realities Incorporated!

This group is a celebration of all things nerdy! If it is something a nerd would like, it is perfect for this group! The broad theme is imaginary worlds of science fiction and fantasy. There is also a strong emphasis on fantasy and sci fi role playing games. :D

The group is run and administered by me, Mistgod the Wizard, and Melian, a girl from the world of dreams. Melian will be monitoring the group using her Magictron3000 Dreamscape Matrix computer system. I am sure things will go very smoothly most of the time!

I, your host, am Mistgod the Wizard. I am from what I call the Dreamscape. It is an plane of existence between all tangible worlds. *smiles kindly* I manage a business for inter-world traveler tourists called Alternate Realities Incorporated. Here in our DeviantART group you will enjoy your own excursions to other universes!

Melian as a Jedi with Purple Light Saber by MelianOfMist


Incoming art submissions are subject to approval by the founder and cofounder of the group. All art will initially be submitted the Featured folder. The group founder (that is I, Mistgod) will then move the deviation to an appropriate gallery folder. I will select what I believe to be the best to stay in the Featured folder. If I feel a deviation does not meet the group theme or submission rules, I will simply decline it or remove it. Don't worry, there are lots of other groups and someone will accept your art with open arms.

1: Be Nice

2. Deviations should have something to do with the theme of something imaginary or imaginary worlds. Deviations not meeting the approval of the group founder and "art museum curator" (that is I, Mistgod) will be declined or removed from the gallery without comment.

What fits the theme of Alternate Realities or Imaginary Worlds?

:bulletred: Art related to science fiction or fantasy
:bulletred: Supernatural horror
:bulletred: Cosplay, LARPing, Ren Faire photography
:bulletred: Anime or manga
:bulletred: Comic Books, Comic Book Heroes
:bulletred: Movie Fan Art (related to sci fi, horror, fantasy or comic books)
:bulletred: Space Art
:bulletred: Art related to sci fi, horror or fantasy role playing games
:bulletred: Original Character art
:bulletred: Art related to UFOs or Aliens
:bulletred: fiction literature

3. No nudity, sexually explicit, overly controversial, or distasteful art will be accepted. This is not a porn site. Mildly erotic art will be accepted. I Mistgod, prude that I am, will determine what is more than mildly erotic.

4. The group founder retains the right to modify group rules at a whim. Whine and complain, it will do you no good. Mwah hah hah hah!

5. If you are frustrated with my brutal totalitarian rule of Alternate-Realities, you are free to protest by leaving the group! Otherwise, stay, relax and just have fun!

6. Indeed, you will notice the group is a showcase for Mistgod and Melian to present their self centered narcissism. We have our own exclusive galleries for instance and dominate the group journals. We rule with an iron grip! That is because it is our group and we like it that way. It is self serving, OH YES, very much so. :D

7. Photography: Photography deviations should be limited to cosplay or LARPing photography (this would include historical reenactments or living history).

8. My art was declined! WHY?

Art is declined or removed if it does not clearly meet the group theme of Alternate Realities, if it is offensive, or if it does not meet the submission guidelines. Mistgod and Melian, the curators of the group's galleries make that decision. There will be no discussion or argument. There are lots of groups on DA and someone will love your art don't worry. You are free to leave the group in protest.

:star: Curious about your cofounder Melian? Click Here!->The Book of Melian

Ideas for Dungeon Masters ->alternate-realities.deviantart…


Proud Nerdy Interests of Alternate Realities Incorporated!

The Dark Crystal by YahuliSTAMP Star Trek TOS by ForeverSonuDungeons and Dragons 3.5 Fan by Pablok83I Less Than Three NASA by SevenRosesStar Wars - The Force Stamp by nunovixLOTR Stamp by AndrewJHarmonApollo 11 by TheMan268Conan Movie Stamp 6 by dA--bogeymanStamp: History by zoro4me3Fairy Stamp I by Jenna-RoseDungeon Master Stamp by MistgodMistgod Stamp by MistgodSolar System: Mars by Claire-stampsImaginary OCs by 2DueSDS Stamp by Gneiss-chertThe Everwhite Angel Novel Stamp by Gneiss-chert:iconribbons-and-braids:Being Childish Stamp by CreativenessCarl Sagan stamp by TsiphoneBabylon 5 TV Series Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman
spock by 100791Firefly by zsoca-san



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CBSwartz Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016
Thanks for adding my UFO painting. I have another painting of a robot getting drunk at a robot strip club that you might be interested in, It is on the 2nd page of my gallery. It would certainly only happen in an alternate reality, or possibly far into the future of this one.
MelianOfMist Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!  I will go take a look at your robot strip club painting.  That sounds really cool and fun. LOL 
Softyrider62 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2016   Digital Artist
Thanks for the request!
Mistgod Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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